I had so much fun today!  I got to explore my new home and snuggle with my mom and dad.  I actually jumped up on the bed with them – I didn’t think I would reach it, but look at me go!

Life here is so much fun, I can’t help but smile all the time.  I got to sit and watch my busy and fun home from the side, taking my new steps into life nice and slow.

I wonder if Mo and Booboo had as much fun as me?

Samson, happy as can beHappy as can be!

Samson Sitting on the CDsWhat is that?  A “s-ho-e”?


Fun fun fun fun fun!

I had so much fun today.

This new cat is pretty cool for a tiny ball of fur.  He sure is hyper, like me!!!

Well mabe not as much – he has time to learn.

Samson and I played so much my paws hurt!

We acted out scenes from the “Matrix” – which of course was my idea.

Mo and Samson Matrix

Hah!  I can dodge bullets.


I hate that thing.

Booboo hating samsonHate.

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