I went to a strange place yesterday. My mom and dad put me in a cage and drove me to a strange smelling building.

There were these people and they put me on a table and i just wanted to run around and play but they made me stay still and poked me.


I didn’t like that at all, but it was OK because i got lots of attention afterwards.

Samson and Mo in a box


My new friend was gone for a little bit yesterday.

I missed him.

He is so much fun to play with.

Today was pretty fun except my mom and dad put some wet flea stuff on the back of my neck.

I hated it so i tried to lick it off but i couldn’t reach. I must get it off. I must, I must, I must.

Mo with flee medicine, just to be safe

No fleas for me


I still don’t approve of the new fur ball.  He smells weird.

I am pretty sure it is his fault my mom and dad put that gross flea stuff on the back of my neck. Whatever, i am just going to ignore him and spend all day sleeping in the window sill.

Lookin out the window

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