You’ve seen it on TV, but now you get to hear the real story behind the Shed Ender brush!

I have 6 indoor cats and every morning find myself cleaning off counters and couches from all the hairs they left behind that night. I try to brush them (and even have one cat that likes to be vacuumed!) but every brush I used only seemed to make more hairs loose and fall out right after I finished.

The Shed Ender claims to comb out the loose hair underneath the top coat of visible hair.  Skeptical, I tried it out.

Picking it up, the handle has a slight cushion and fits well into my hand.  There are grooves for my fingers so I can better grip the handle.  It is slightly heavy for a brush, but balances well. I noticed that the comb part, made of metal, can be switched for either a right or left handed person, which is convenient. You can tell which way to face the comb for your handedness by looking at the word “Front” on the comb, it should be on top.

If right handed, “Front” is on the same side as the Shed Ender logo; and if left handed, the “Front” is on the same side as the screws, which are covered by plastic circles with pull tabs.  The instructions to switch the comb come in the package and explain it very well; the process is easy. The metal comb is triangular shaped and even comes with a little plastic guard so nothing gets damaged.

To brush your cat according to the provided instructions, you start with the comb at the back of their neck and put the metal teeth into the cat’s fur. You then just slide the comb parallel to the cats back with the comb going through the fur, keeping the brush flat, moving to other areas as needed.  It is an unusual brushing motion and unlike any other method of brushing I’ve tried before.

Basically, the teeth go a bit deeper than the top coat hairs and into the thicker fur below. As long as you follow the hair pattern (neck to tail) the loose hairs from the undercoat are caught in the brush and easily come out without causing the cat any pain.

In my experience, the cats like the feeling of a deeper brushing and I did not have to hold them still to brush them as I usually have to.  I noticed that after 2 or 3 strokes, I would have to take a clump of hair out of the brush, which is easy to do.

I usually scrape the brush backwards on the carpet and the hair comes right out, but you could also easily just pull the clump off the brush and resume combing.

On average, per cat in each brushing sitting, I end up with a ball of hair approximately two inches in diameter. It does seem to work better on cats with thicker hair such as Tabbies and even long hair cats.  It does work quite well for cats with thinner coats as well, but you just don’t get as much out each brushing.

I would highly recommend this brush to any cat owner; it is easy to use, pain free, works effectively and helps to keep stray hairs off my furniture too!

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