I have 6 indoor cats. One of them is an an elderly cat who has had diabetes for 3 years (probably longer, he was feral and outdoors before that). I have been giving him 5 units of insulin 2X per day for 3 years now.

On the advice of my neighbor who runs a non-profit purebred cat rescue, I tried this “Wellness” food from Petco, which does not contain any grains. It is just veggies and proteins (mostly fish and poultry). I was extremely skeptical about spending more money for the food, as Iams is pretty expensive and that is what I was feeding.

To my complete surprise, it seems that the volume of waste generated by the 6 cats has decreased by about 1/3 – this includes urine clumps and fecal matter. But the amazing thing is that my diabetic Smokey is SO much more healthy after 8 weeks on this food that I brought him back to the vet. He is down to 3 units of insulin 2X per day and his coat is much better and he is much more active.

I am not 100% convinced the food is the difference but this is the best he has been for 3 years and this is the only change I have made. The money I spend on the food is really partially compensated by the less litter I have to buy, and in fact the cats eat less, and seem more satisfied. Instead of feeding a big “soup can” size of canned food, I feed “tuna size” can per day for 6 cats, plus the dry food.

Reluctantly, I think the Wellness food is making an extremely positive impact on my cats, and that is worth any amount of additional money I spend on this food.

You can get Wellness Cat Food for the best price here: http://amzn.to/cseA8q

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