Every pet store has so many options! One thing all cat owners think about is a scratching post- many of us have one! If are thinking of getting your first, adding on to a previous one, or even purchasing an additional post, here is a cheap way to make your own!

The most important part of a scratching post is a place for them to sharpen their nails, stretch and perch. A little planning, moderate work and little cash will give you a beautiful new cat post.

The first thing to do is get an idea of how you would like it to appear – think functionality. I usually find that doodling often leads to better ideas then I could come up with in my head alone. Sketch loosely and try to be imaginative. Cats love to go hide inside of tight areas, so maybe a box or tunnel.

They definitely like to be up high and look down on everything so have a resting area be elevated if possible. And lastly, they need a place to scratch.  Nothing provides better grip than a wound rope, so you could use a single piece of wood with rope wrapped around it like coils. Cats love to scratch at it and slowly fray each string in the rope.

The most expensive part of this process will be the wood and screws or nails to keep it together. Your local hardware store sells sheets of wood or 2 x 4s that will be needed. It does not need to be the most well treated or prettiest piece of wood, so usually you can get a deal on wood that had been dirtied or marked on such as plywood. It is also cheaper to get screws or nails from bins and just pick your own by weight as opposed to prepackaged sets.

You should also get sisal rope which is the very best kind of rope to use on a cat post. Carpet is an excellent option to cover the wood so it acts as a scratching surface as well as protection so the wood doesn’t harm the kitties in any way. You can easily get scraps from a carpet store since they usually throw away a bunch after each job. The most I ever spent making a cat post was around $20.00 for an elaborate design.

As with any project, measure twice and cut once. Be aware of the placement of nails and screws so kitty can play freely without injury or scratch. Be as creative as you can and always test the strength of your new post before letting kitty roam freely. Decorate with toys and enjoy! It may take your cat a few days to warm up it to but they will soon love to jump, play, and scratch to their delight!

You can get a Cat Tree or Scratching post for the best price here: http://amzn.to/d6q1JA.

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