We would like to talk to you about cat adoption, in honor of our friends Lisa, Penny & Gracey  generous donations to EverCats.  Anyone who is looking for a new pet often thinks first about a baby, such as a kitten. They are cute, cuddly and so tiny!

However they are full of mischief and energy at all hours. Perhaps we can think about adopting an older cat instead.

Older cats won’t cause as many problems in your home and they let you sleep! So many adult cats stay in shelters so much longer or even get euthanized because they are not as cute as a kitten. Older kitties are much more affectionate and loving. Many would love to do nothing more than just sit in your lap and purr for hours.

Older cats are better with children as they aren’t uncontrollably hyper and unpredictable. They are tolerant and patient and have a way of detecting the emotion of their owner and tend to show up just as a cuddle or hug is needed.

Adult cats are also great for senior citizens who may have restricted movement and would like to have the love, affection and companionship from a feline friend. It has been medically proven that petting a cat not only releases endorphins of pleasure and happiness, but also lowers blood pressure!

The rhythmic purring often syncs to your own body timing and calms humans down bringing even more health benefits. Cats are loyal to people as we all know and will stick by their owner’s side for their lifetime.

How can you resist the rub against your leg or a loving head butt from such an affectionate cat who needs a good home and might otherwise be overlooked for his younger friend? The next time you are thinking of adding a new furry member to the family choose age before beauty.

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