Squeaker was a 20 year old Siamese – my wonderful baby boy. He was FIV positive – which means he had kitty AIDS.

About 2 years ago our fight with Cancer began when he was diagnosed with a rare type of localized skin cancer in his foot. He had been through 4 major surgeries, amputating 2 toes in his foot, and rebuilding his paw so he could walk normally with a slight limp.

We had quite the fight on our hands – he required 24/7 round the clock care. I basically stopped working and spent every moment with him at my side (or in my lap) – not leaving the house other than to go back and forth to the Vet’s 3 times a week for bandage changes and treatments.

In April 2009, he was given the all-clear and told his cancer was in remission. He was finally bandage free – and was full of energy and love. Sadly, in early June he opened a small hole in his foot.

Within a day infection set in. We were hopeful it would heal, and the infection would once again go, but the foot was too fragile and collapsed. The cancer came back strong, and spread throughout his foot within a week’s time.

On June 18, 2009, we made the toughest decision that could ever be made, and Squeaker passed on to a better place. He fought until the very last breath. We shared a very special closeness and bond. I miss him with all of my heart, and not a moment goes by that he is not with me in spirit.

- Terri Fassio from California, USA

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