I love my cats. They have truly changed my life. August 23rd, 2008, started like any other day. I woke up and decided “Today I want to watch Juno.” I love that movie. So, after washing up and getting some caffeine in me, I wandered over to Zellerz, seeing if I could buy the movie.

Well, I barely made it halfway across the parking lot before I spotted the pet store. I walked in, wanting to look around at a few pets. I love animals, but I wanted a kitty. Always had. So I practically ran home to grab a couple of bucks just in case I got lost and needed to call a cab or use the bus, then I walked all the way over to the humane society.

The humane society is in a rather remote place, all the way up the highway. I didn’t think I would find it. After 20 minutes of wandering, I made it to the little brown building. Walked and there he was. A little grey tabby sitting in the cage, meowing like he was in conversation with all the other animals. The lady behind the desk saw me looking at him.

“That’s George. We call him King George though, because he thinks he is the master.” Well, 3 hours later, after getting lost taking the city bus and my mom was contacted, King George was brought to our home under not the best circumstances on our part.

My parents were going through a divorce and I was deep in the depths of depression. George brought me back to life. He taught me how to love again. Then 4 weeks later, a nameless kitten was brought to the Humane Society and that afternoon, after school was done, my mom took my brother and I down there and met that tiny little 12-week-old kitten.

He would be the little prince. Prince Shiloh, with the bright pink nose, bright orange eyes that match his fur, and a little meow that we could barely hear, became part of our family too. A year later, I am in recovery from my depression, we are out of that bad situation, far from my dad and we are not rebuilding…because we have already rebuilt. George and Shiloh have tagged along for this ride, and have helped us so much. These truly are two special kitties.

- Trisha Valade from Ontario, Canada

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