For those of us who trim our cats’ nails at home, I am sure you have noticed the “As seen on TV” products for filing down your cat’s nails instead of clipping them. Perhaps one of the more popular models is the PediPaws filer. I recently had a chance to try this system and get a feel for how it works.

The Pedipaws system has a long cylindrical handle that ends in a tube called the guard. Inside the clear tube is the sanding roller, which is basically sand paper wrapped around a motor head. There is a hole in the guard where you place your cat’s nail. When you turn it on, the roller spins and acts as a nail trimmer. This whole system is powered by household batteries which are easy to replace.

When trying it out on my cat, he of course smelled it and wanted to check it out. When I switched it on, he was frightened of the vibration and gave me a hard time about touching him with it while it was on. My cats are all accustomed to getting their nails trimmed, but not the vibration feeling. I was able to get my most relaxed cat to sit still long enough for me to try it out.

Well, there are good and bad parts of this product and I would like to start with the good. I like how there is a guard on the roller. This keeps the cat from moving suddenly and me accidentally rubbing the roller on other parts of his body. It also keeps things away from the motor head which could easily wrap something up inside itself such as my cat’s fur or my shorts!

It is also good how it trims the nail and allows me to decide how short I want it. There is not a blunt end with this trimmer so the cat’s nails are smooth unlike when I trim them by hand.

For the negatives, I want to start with the ad. In the commercial they say that cutting your cats nails with a manual trimmer you can cut through the quik and make them bleed. That is true, but if you read our article about how to cut your cats nails that wont happen. However, with this trimmer, you can still reach the quik if you aren’t paying attention and make them bleed.

Either way, you have to be responsible for your cat’s health and pay attention. Another negative is how quickly the motor seemed to die. Thinking I may have a defective model, I checked around and found that generally, the motor does not last that long.

For me to do one of my cats, I had to go slowly and take even longer than if I were to trim their nails by hand. By the time I got to my 3rd cat I couldn’t even get it to spin fast enough to trim his nail. I replaced the batteries but the motor still needed a time out.

The PediPaws system seems efficient if you have one cat and lots of patience, however for someone like myself who owns multiple cats, I would rather stick to the manual trimmer for my cat’s nails. The strength seems like a safety mechanism and is more likely to cause frustration than cut my cat’s nails in the amount of time it takes him seated and not be bothered by the vibration.

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