From 7 weeks old until she passed 15 years later I had my soul kitty.

I remember going to pick out a kitten there were a bunch of black kittens the momma cat had a big litter and as I watched them for a bit, there in the corner was this quit little soul an itty bitty kitty covered in fuzzes. I was told she was the runt of the litter.

She never grew to be a normal size 8 to 10 pound cat she was usually 5 to 6 pounds very tiny and petite but she had a fierce spirit full of grace and spunk.

My other 2 cats were huge compared to her but she let them know she ran the place and they respected that.

I would throw her favorite ball and she would fetch it then carry it back so I could throw it again she loved to bask in the sunshine till her coat was hot. She was very protective of me and she had a good since of humans if she stuck around and checked you out you were good in her book.

I love cats but there will never be another Jasmine.

When things get stressful I miss her because she knew when I was stressed she would come lay on my chest and turn her motor on and then life wasn’t so bad. She always stayed near me and followed me as to keep an eye on me.

She got very sick towards the end and I always wanted her to just fall asleep in my arms and go that way but it never happened but I can say true to her form she went out a fighter.

Now she’s in a special place where the sun never stops shining and she’s warm and cozy just like she likes it.

I love you Jazz and miss you dearly baby girl thanks for being my soul kitty!!

- Lori from US Oklahoma

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