Harley Bumpkin

Harley Bumpkin

My Darling Harley, (a year today 25 Sept 09, since the lady vet helped you on yr way)

You were the most darling, funny & affectionate bubba cat. Miss you always will.

- Suzanne from Glasgow, UK


Buttons & Fishbone

Buttons & Fishbone

Buttons and Fishbone are the most precious little darlings life has ever given me.

Because I’ve talked about Buttons before, here’s a bit about Fishbone!

He’s the newest addition to our family and we’ve had him for only about a month.

I was on my way to work one morning when I saw the scrawny little mite running about the carpark. He was quite jumpy and clearly, scared half to death. I spent a half hour or so checking the area looking for a litter or a mommy-cat, but couldn’t find one. There wasn’t even an adult cat in sight! So I took the two-month old in, fed him and cleaned him and waited for him to sit out his fears by trembling in a little shoebox (even with a towel inside! bless his heart).

He’s made himself quite at home, helping himself to Buttons’ food and curling up in her basket whenever she lets him. They’re about nine months apart and Fishbone’s energetic, playful antics does leave Buttons quite exasperated and running into the sanctuary of mommy’s closet. On the whole though, Buttons has fit into the role of older sister quite easily, even cleaning him up as he dozes off on Mommy’s bed.

Fishbone purrs like an engine and absolutely loves to snuggle. Which is probably his saving grace considering he also has a bad habit of tearing open treats and finishing the packet by himself. He loves curling up right against your neck and purring right into your ear.

Ever the affectionate little kitty, his habits seem to have rubbed off on Buttons and Buttons seems to have picked up from him (she’s not really a cuddle-me type of cat). Since his arrival she’s been creeping into my bed and curling up right against me to fall asleep.

It’s quite unlike her, but I’m definitely not complaining!

This picture is one of those very very rare but incredibly beautiful moments where they’re curled up together after an entire day of teaming up to rip the couch to shreds.

My adorable babies (:

- Charis Vera from Singapore

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