Baby Bucky came into my life after being abandoned at a pet store near our clinic. He was extremely sick and unable to breathe due to a number of pieces of dog food stuck in his throat, but after a quick procedure and a little while in an oxygen cage after a case of pneumonia he was ready to take on the world.

He loved to play fetch, bringing his little green foam soccer ball to me while I was on the computer so I could toss it across the room. When I was too busy, he would climb up to the top of the recliner and drop it off the side so he could chase it himself. He also loved to help me work, sometimes draping himself right over the edge of my manuscripts or books so he could give me the maximum assistance possible.

As sweet as he was, he was never very healthy. At five months, he was diagnosed with asthma and had to take an inhaler every day. At ten months he was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis after having to have 1/3 of his colon removed, but he still remained cheerful and sweet even when he had to take five to six different medications a day to keep him comfortable.

Bucky passed away not quite a month after his first birthday, and just a day short of his being in my life one year. Every day that I look at my cats, I think of him and all the love and happiness he brought to me and am grateful for the time we had together. He was sweet, gentle and will be missed by so many people.

- Natalie Smothers from Austin, TX

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