Hi I’m Romo Meowski, I am only five months old and already on the show circuit. That’s right, I live the fabulous life as a show cat. Let me tell you its hard work being so wonderful but it pays off. My human guardian knew from the moment I was born with my swirling silver and black classic tabby pattern, that I was destined for stardom!

During my four months of growing she worked with me to get me ready to go take the stage. At barely four months old I went to a CFA cat show with my brother Kojiro and I want to tell you about my experience and how fun it was.

About a month and a half before we went to the show my human made sure that I could tolerate sitting in a cage, and I passed that test easy. She plays with me every day to help keep me fit and sprite. I’m a lovey boy though and after a play time its cuddle time. Temperament is important when going to the cat show, and so is health.

I had to have my shots and my human keeps me super clean, even when I am not going to the show. I can’t have fleas, ear mites, or worms. I have to have my nails clipped; my ears and fur must be clean. So it’s important that I stay in my best condition.

The week before a cat show I take a full show bath, so my human can make sure that the shampoos we use will still work for my coat, if not she will try again two days later. If it does work then as a short hair, I only need to take a bath on Sunday and then the following Thursday before the show.

We left on our two hour car ride very early on a Saturday morning and arrived just as the sun came up. We got in the show hall and my human set up the metal cage provided for us. She put up curtains and decorations. In the cage she got a litter pan, food, water and one of our cat beds ready for us. Then it was into the cage we went. The cage was pretty big and Koji and I spent a lot of time relaxing waiting for our chance for stardom.

When we were called to our first ring, we were separated into separate cages. I could see my human and all these other people. It made me a little nervous. The judge came and took me out of the cage and started to handle me. That’s when I realized I had done all of this before and I relaxed some.

With each ring and each judge I did better. I got to win ribbons and cat toys in each ring. Then when I would go back to the home cage I would get a bit of all meat baby food as a treat, no matter what score I got in the ring! My last ring I made Best HHP (Household Pet). In that ring, I got a special cat bed prize and the vendors who had been rooting for me all day gave me a hand sewn bag of home grown catnip!!

Many people came to the cat show and in between rings my human would allow people to play with me, pet, and hold me as long as they used some hand sanitizer. I had so much fun and when I finally got home I got to strut around the house and show off my fabulousness. Although I was kinda tired out and slept the whole next day, I mean I am a growing kitten after all.

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