I was looking for a new toy for my kitties and had heard so many things about laser pointers so I did a little research. There are basically two types of laser pointers. So I purchased two laser pointers from a store; one at a pet store and one at an office supply store.

I took them home and tried each out playing with my kitties for hours.

Laser Pointer A

The first type of laser pointer I bought was a smaller laser pointer attached to a keychain. It has a 630-680 nM wavelength and 1mW maximum output, which is considered a class 2 laser. It is run by three AG-13 batteries, which are like small watch batteries.

The small laser fit in the palm of my hand and was easy to control where I wanted to direct the light beam. The cats loved chasing the red light all over and jumped furniture, scaled walls and hunted the elusive red dot until they exhausted themselves.

This smaller laser had a small button that needs to be pushed straight into the pointer for the light to be on. This is not a problem for the first three minutes or so, but after a few minutes of push and release, your finger starts to be a little sore and the tip of your finger starts to get an indentation from the little button.

After two days of use, which entailed perhaps an hour and half per day, the intensity of the laser started to fade. Soon thereafter, the laser became so light in intensity that the cats couldn’t even see the the red and they lost interest. I replaced the batteries and continues play but on average I had to switch out the batteries every few days. But the cats absolutely love it!

Laser Pointer B

The second laser pointer was shaped like a pen and had a circular button just as the other laser, but did not need to be pushed as hard. It has a 650nW wavelength and 5mw output, which is considered a class 3. The different type of laser requires different batteries; this laser requires a single AAA battery.

The pen sized laser was a more comfortable fit in my hand and the button seemed to be at a place that I would hold the pen instead of an awkward place.

The intensity of the laser seemed more crisp and strong and lasted longer with each battery. As I played with the laser, I was able to get two weeks up to date of this article without changing a battery yet. The laser light is as intense and bright as the day I started playing with it. The cats play with it just as much as the other laser of course.

The Verdict

In comparison of the two lasers, the pen laser was more expensive was delivered more light and playing hours per battery. It is also alot easier to get AAA batteries than the AG-13 batteries, of which I needed three every few days.

Outside of the battery issue, the difference in lasers came down to size. The smaller keychain laser is convenient in that it can be attached to anything so you cannot misplace it or have it knocked off the table. The pen laser was an easier object to hold with an easier button.

Overall I would recommend a pen style laser pointer that runs on a typical AAA battery as a more efficient and money saving cat toy.

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