Edmund Blackadder, formally know as Adouzlo Solomon’s Seal, informally known as Eddie, or Eds. A black smoke Maine Coon. A feline eating machine, with a voice like a foghorn and a brain the size of a tiny pea.

But the most loving, entertaining cat you could ever find. No-one who entered the house could fail to fall for his charms, and he even had on-line friends despite them never having met him in person.

Eddie had enough love for the whole world, and liked nothing better than having his tummy tickled, which was guaranteed to produce the loudest purr you’ve ever heard (the vet never did manage to listen to his heart, the purr was too loud!).

He adored water, causing us to enforce our only house rule – leave the toilet seat down to stop Eds jumping in! On more than one occasion, he jumped in the bath with me, which was far more pleasant for him than for me (bathing in floating cat hair is not the world’s most pleasant experience!).

In 2000, he escaped from the house and tried to make friends with a car. Unfortunately, the car was moving, and Eds ended up spending a week at the vet’s being pinned back together. He recovered totally from this, and the next 9 years were spent having happy times.

In January 2009 he was diagnosed as having terminal bladder cancer. We spent the last 9 months of his life spoiling him rotten (even though he was pretty spoilt to start with!), and on 25th September he passed away quietly and peacefully in the house, surrounded by his loving family.

Love you Eds, and we’ll miss you always xx

- Ann Winsper from UK, Cheshire

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