They say the best things in life come in small packages. That was definitely true about Jeff. Born to Cleo and some other waif and stray, Jeff was the runt of a litter of four black cats , there wasn’t much hope of him even surviving past a few weeks he was so poorly and weak.

Jeff had difficulty breathing for all his life. He was named after my crush WWE wrestler Jeff Hardy but was simply known as Jeff or Puss.

Even as a kitten he used to make us laugh, climbing in the washing basket and steal socks before picking fights with the leg of a chair (chair always won…) He was never the most graceful cat, his attempts at jumping onto chairs usually resulted in a spectacular miss and sore paws, but he was just so cuddly, so affectionate and so…………delightfully stupid!

He loved being fussed over having his tummy, under his chin, and the space where his nuts used to be ticked (!) He used to take naps in the most awkward places not moving for anyone or anything, he ate mushy peas from the saucepan and he let us dress him up in just about every costume imaginable.

He even developed a sixth sense about the opening times of the oven or fridge door. He was always there.

He became a daddy to a litter of 7beautiful kittens before we decided to have him spayed, after which he seemed to become more dopey!

All his life he was spoilt rotten sometimes even eating better than us! Warm tuna and salmon never seemed to compare with dry kitekat for some reason…..

It became clear he was ill just before Christmas 2008. He seemed a lot quieter than usual, not even once trying to steal any of the turkey. One morning I woke to him lying across the bottom of my bed, he appeared to be breathing with painful effort.

A trip to the vets confirmed he had inoperable tumours on his lungs and his quality of life was getting worse. A painful decision was made to put an end to his suffering.

Even at the end, he was purring and having his nuts tickled.

There will never be another Jeff. But he will never ever be forgotten. xxx

- Daisy & Kayleigh Ellis from Bristol, UK

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