Zoe’ is my three year old baby. I adoopted her when she was just a month old. She is very independent, she loves just sitting at the window and listening to the outdoor sounds.

She’s a funny cat, always doing things that will just make you shake your head and chuckle.

I always say that she should be a model, shes VERY photogenic. I almost never take a bad picture of her.

- AGM from USA, TN




Pearl is a blue point Birman who loves to lounge on the bed in style . She is the senior Birman in the household with two underlings and a moggie plus a skinny greyhound to keep in order. And three humans ( one Teen ) . A busy life . No wonder she is so exhausted .

- ShelaghScott from UK

Legs Diamond

Legs Diamond

This upstate shelter cat was named for the New York gangster, Legs Diamond, a fancy-dressing dandy. The tuxedo kitten with white legs and diamonds down his chest stole our hearts in the infirmary, and we nursed him back to health. (He’d been dropped outside the shelter at night in a box.) He was soon climbing the statue St. Peter, which he adopted as a scratch post.

He lived nineteen happy years.

- Holly Woodward from NY

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