Recently, I bought a small container of SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray to try the liquid form of catnip. My cats have always enjoyed cat nip as leaf crumbles, so I was interested to see if the spray would work just as well.

I found this particular spray at Walmart in the pet aisle for $2.88. The small 7 ounce bottle is mostly composed of Catnip Oil and Castor Oil and promotes “Stimulation” to healthy cats.

When I brought it home, I went to the typical area where I would give the cats the crumbled leaf catnip and sprayed a section of their cat post. After the second spray, a liquid came out of the bottle and onto the area I sprayed. It did not look wet but I could see the spray midair so I knew it was there. One of my cats immediately ran over to the area and started meowing. I sprayed the area again to see his reaction, which was him backing off.

To discipline my cats (mostly from being on or scratching something they shouldn’t) I spray them with a water bottle. Seeing as how a spray was coming out of catnip bottle, it was understandable my cat would initially be startled. I backed off and my cat soon began to rub on the area I sprayed, obviously detecting the aroma of cat nip. I sprayed a few toys and threw them into the middle of the floor which drew the attention of my other cats. Some began to immediately play with the toys but others just smelled around the area and meowed.

I tested spraying on various surfaces such as the carpet, a toy mouse, a ball and just in the air. The directions specifically say not to spray on a cat otherwise I might have! For the majority of my cats, they enjoyed smelling the carpet and rolling around on the scent but 2 of them could not figure it out. I don’t know if it made a difference but the ones who were having a hard time were my only tabbies.

When I sprayed a hard surface, such as a ball, the tabbies licked the cat nip spray and enjoyed that. I believe they thought they had to eat it in order to have the effect, but it is the aroma alone that creates the reaction. When I over sprayed the air around the cats, they all started wrestling and purring. The scent even brought my dogs into the room and they started rolling on the carpet too.

While two of my cats were confused as to the method of delivery for the cat nip at first, overall it worked for all my cats even better than the cat nip leaf flakes. The aroma was much stronger with the spray and potent enough I could smell it when just walking into the room. Since the aroma is what creates the effect for the cats, this spray method worked great.

My only concern is the castor oil in the carpet, but after lots of research, it seems the answer is to spray sparingly and spray a different area each time if you choose to spray carpet. You wouldn’t have a need to over spray anyways, but incase of a spill, corn meal sprinkled over an oil spill and then vacuumed up will quickly remedy the situation. Overall, I plan to continue using a spray cat nip over the leaf flakes.

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