It’s that time of the year; October brings the fall season and change of weather, allergies and the start of pet itching in most homes. As itching increases over the weeks, you may start to wonder what the culprit could be.

If you see little moving black bugs or even small droppings, it is time to get some flea medication. Instead of going to the vet in fear of visit fees, I went to my local pet store and ended up bringing home Hartz Flea & Tick Drop medication.

In the box there are 3 droppers, each is good for one month – according to the directions. You can select which box will be most effective for your cat by how much they weigh.

It is not recommended to be used on kittens under 12 weeks, however kitten size is okay since their first category is under 5 pounds and the highest weight category being over 12 pounds. The drops protect against eggs, larvae and adult fleas, ticks and mosquitoes with the main ingredients (S)-Methoprene and Etofenprox.

The droppers have tops that are twisted off which enables access to the liquid medication. The liquid needs to be dropped on the skin of the neck and then allowed to absorb into the skin and then absorbed into the blood stream. When any insect such as a flea feeds on the blood of the animal, they will immediately die and fall off, leaving the animal bug-free.

After applying the medication to my cats, I waited 12 hours to check for any difference in insect activity and I saw no change; after 24 hours and again at 48 hours, I saw little to no change.

My cats were scratching at themselves just as much and I noticed new droppings on my cat’s skin. I did not see as many bugs as before, but there were obviously still present. I read the directions and made sure that I had followed them correctly and I did.

The directions said I couldn’t apply any other pesticide to the cat’s system for a month so I didn’t know what to do to aid in my cat’s discomfort. I went back to the pet store and bought flea collars thinking that would be okay since the medication would not be in their blood system.

A day later and there was still no improvement so I made the phone call to my veterinarian.

My vet was very understanding and said she heard more and more cases of owners trying to cut costs in the economy and so many flea medications are cheap and available in pet stores.

After doing a quick physical, she prescribed a flea medication and made a great deal for me to cover the office visit and medication financially. Within three hours, my cats stopped scratching and they seemed content. The next day I gave them a quick wipe down to remove any flea droppings and did an inspection of live bugs- and found none.

When I talked with my vet, I found that Hartz medicated drops often do not work for many and only introduce chemicals into your cat’s body that do not help in any way. Hartz has been known to cause negative reactions in pets such as seizures, renal failure and comas which may lead to death. Often these reactions come from either an allergic reaction or overdosing since the first dose does not seem to work.

These are all excellent reasons you need to see your vet first and never give your pet any medication that is not prescribed from a veterinarian. I was hesitant to pay the cost to see a vet, but in our current economy many vets are making financial arrangements with those who need help and I can guarantee you the extra cost is worth your cat’s comfort and health.

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