For my birthday one of my best friends got me a “Song Bird Cat Toy”.  This is a plush toy that when shaken or bounced makes a song that sounds like a bird.  My young male cat Leo LOVES this toy.  It drives me crazy.

I think he really likes that the bird sound seems fairly realistic…  there is a lot of high-pitched flutey type notes and it plays for about 8 seconds.  I have a short video of it here.

After I made this video Leo came and carried the toy off and hid it under the TV stand.  Presumably he doesn’t enjoy me taking his toy away from him to play with it myself…

For $6 I’d surely advise getting one of these, especially for those “bird” cats who love bird watching like Leo does.  Hide it at night though, unless you are used to having kids and loud toys.  ;-)   I have had it for more than a month now and it keeps working.

I am not sure if there is a battery or what in there but we have gotten our $6 worth of fun from it for sure.

You can get the Song Bird cat toy for the best price here:

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