Having many pets in my house, I find myself vacuuming many times a week – on the couch alone! Sitting down on my own furniture I often leave with my clothes covered with my kitty’s various colors of fur.

My vacuum, the Shark Infinity Pet Care System, works great but doesn’t always get all the hair off my velour fabric couch.  I started looking for vacuum attachments that could help me with this dilemma. I came across the mini turbine head attachment.

This attachment connects to the removable wand, which of course is circular. The connection leads into a longer head casing which houses a roller on a small motor. The roller has little bristles and may have a lint brush which is excellent for hair collection.

After attaching the turbine head to your vacuum wand and powering on the vacuum, the roller starts to spin, which in turn spins the bristles. When you bring the vacuum attachment to the couch it instantly collects the hair and gets sucked into the main vacuum compartment.

Although my vacuum is a Shark, there are several other brands that make a turbine head attachment such as Dyson and Hoover. There are also other nameless attachments that look the same and perform just as well and should attach to any wand.

Above any other vacuum or fur collection system, I use the mini turbine head vacuum attachment every time I vacuum and it always gets every hair on my couch, on the stairs and anywhere else I use it. I use the attachment over the house vacuum every time and am so happy with the way it works.

You can get this vacuum attachment for the best price here: http://amzn.to/aE72Y7

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