Everything comes better in pairs, so why not kitties too? If you are thinking of adopting cats into your life or have the pleasure of one already, perhaps you should think about multiples. Trust any cat owner when they tell you if your going to have one cat, two is much easier!

Starting young, we all know that kittens have so much energy! They are likely to climb your walls and destroy your home without proper avenues to expend such energy. When another kitten is there to play and pounce on, your couch doesn’t seem as exciting. Have you ever been walking down the stairs and had your feet bombarded? How about have your ankles be attacked as you walk around the corner? When your kitty has another creature to take its playful side out on, your feet can be saved.

When you have two cats instead of one, you may think it would cost more, however this is not true. When you buy larger quantities, you can often get it cheaper than you would pay for a smaller quantity. When a cat lives alone, they will eat to their heart’s content, however when in a pride (group of cats) they will conserve supplies for the rest of their cat family.

Your cat food supply is likely to last just as long with one or two cats. You can buy just as many toys as they will often bat them back and forth and play with each other’s tail as well! Trips to the vet will be slightly more expensive but many veterinarians are willing to use a group discount for more than one pet. Another thing that may be slightly more expensive is litter since you don’t want to reuse that!

When you have more than one cat at home, they start to identify as a pride. There is a sense of worth and importance when cats belong to a family of other felines. They take dominant and submissive roles and defined parts in the pride. When a cat is alone, it feels outside of the pride, like a loner and without a role in the home.

It would be similar to being the only human in a land of alien species. Cats have more confidence and seem overall healthier when around other members of their feline family. Of course we as human family make them happy and loved, but there is a special bond between furry friends we cannot compete with.

A cat that is with feline companion seems more calm, independent and happier. They groom each other and have a friend to snuggle and play with that doesn’t leave for work or school. They learn to socialize with each other and show affection which then teaches them to be a better pet to us humans! A cat that is happy, well socialized, and affectionate is eager to show their human family love and affection.

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