With multiple cats I am always looking for the best litter to balance the necessary functions I need for a cat litter.

After trials and tribulations of almost every cat litter in my county, I have settled on a favorite! Petsmart has their own brand of litter called ExquisiCat. The box I choose is 40 pounds and only twelve dollars!

First in litter, I look for clumping; any liquid should be completely absorbed and stay together. This litter clumps very well and stays compacted even when being moved, there is no crumbling or mush of litter.

Next I look for a small size in each granule; the larger pieces get stuck between my cats’ paws. The granules seem to be a perfect size consistently and is not rough on my cats’ paws or my litter scoop.

When it comes to smell, the ExquisiCat line has scented, non-scented or baking soda preferences. I choose the baking soda because the soda absorbs any odors and leaves a fresh clean scent in my house. In fact, the box reads “Odor neutralizing with baking soda” and “fresh scent with baking soda.”

Another important factor is the chalky residue that accompanies cat litter. This litter does not have any clouds appear when scooping, scratching or pouring into the litter box. At the very bottom of the container, there is crumbles of litter, but the slight amount is incomparable and never dusts around the boxes as some litters do.

The litter comes in a cardboard box which is easy to recycle. There are handles on the side for easy carrying. The box is durable for the 40 pounds of litter and I have never had one break on me.

To access the litter, you open the box on top and break a glue seal. Although the box is not resealable from air, you can open and close the top with ease. My cats stand on the box and it doesn’t collapse, even when empty.

This particular litter may be comparable to other brands, however it is the best litter I have found for the amount and price. Petsmart stores are all over the country and even offer help loading your car if the litter is too heavy.

ExquisiCat litter comes in all sizes, either a box or bag, but my favorite is the boxed Scoop with baking soda. I have used it with my multiple cats for months and plan to continue!

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