King George, also known as Georgie, passed away on November 7th, 2009. His death comes after a week and a half long search for our feline friend. Our indoor/outdoor cat left the house at 10:00 pm on October 27th, 2009. That was the last time we would see our Georgie.

Our local Humane Society found him on the highway going west. He had been struck by a car. Georgie leaves behind his owners and friends, myself, my mom and my brother and also his little brother Prince Shiloh, our orange tabby. EverCats members may remember King George, along with Prince Shiloh, as a Daily Cat winner back in early september.

Our fondest memory of our Georgie would be of him climbing up our Christmas tree, or rather trying to aid us in putting it together, and falling asleep in the tree with all of the warm lights and christmas ornaments hanging around him. We we all miss him. In a few weeks, we will be getting a new friend for Shiloh. This cat will never replace our Georgie, but he may fill a small whole in our hearts.

- Trisha Valade from Ontario, Canada

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