I tried this 3 ounce tube of Hartz Dental Beef-Flavored Toothpaste for Cats to help my cat’s bad breath. The directions read to first introduce your cat to the solution, which is a thick, white, tacky cream kind of gel.

It has a scent of meat that attracts animals, and an easy texture to lick clean. Putting the gel on your finger and allowing your cat to taste the gel on their own is the best way to start.

You will then want to introduce brushing their teeth with the instrument you plan on using; your finger, a finger-cuff or baby toothbrush. Let the cat smell and taste the instrument as well. Use the instrument to rub against their teeth and test the process. This may take repeated tries but once you are able to successfully “brush” their teeth, you can start to use the gel with the instrument and get some cleaning done.

Place the gel on the end of the instrument of choice and go inside your cat’s cheek; using a back and forth motion, rub the gel over your cat’s teeth. Their own saliva will mix with the gel to activate and cleanse the teeth. The gel paste is also safe to swallow.

This is the second paste I have tried and prefer this toothpaste to the other. My cats liked the flavor and it was easy to use; this paste did not drip and stayed on the brush I used.

I didn’t notice if my cat’s teeth were cleaner or whiter after repeated use, but their breath certainly was more pleasant. Most owners go to a vetrinarian to have their cat’s teeth cleaned, but if you make it a part of your regular grooming process, you can easily have this bonding time with your cat while cleaning their teeth.

You can get Hartz Dental Toothpaste for the best price here: http://amzn.to/aQcn1u.

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