As cold weather approaches, many of us are bringing outdoor plants inside to survive the winter. Or perhaps you want some live greenery to spruce up your home when the outdoors become drab and colorless in the cold winter.

Around this time it’s a good idea to think about your kitties and the exposure they can have with plants inside your home.

If your cat is looking to eat your plants indoors, that can be a sign of 2 things; curiosity and playfulness or a lack of plantation in their diet.

Cats are not meant to eat vegetables as humans are, but a lot of cat food does come with grains and some vegetables in it to aid in digestion. When kitty is eating leaves or flowers off your plants, try to substitute greenery into their diet instead of your plants; perhaps a cat grass or cat food that offers more vegetables in the ingredients.

If kitty is munching on the twigs or stems, perhaps they are looking for a chew toy or something to clean their teeth. There are several cat toys available for this very purpose!

Lastly, if your cat seems interested in eating the dirt, there most likely is a nutritional deficiency such as anemia and you should consult your veterinarian. However if your cat is using the plant dirt as a litter box then perhaps it is time to change your litter and remind kitty where the box is.

On top of the damage to your plants, your cat can also be harmed by eating certain types of greenery. Your cat can have an un-chewed petal or leaf blocking an internal organ that could cause damage or even part of a twig stuck in their throat; it is always important to keep an eye on your houseplants and pets.

Other dangers include parasites or insects that might be lurking in the dirt or inside a hallow stem or plant, especially if brought in from outside. Some plants are even poisonous to your cats such as holiday plants, poinsettias, and holly.

For a complete list of plants that are hazardous to your cats, visit the ASPCA website which features a complete list.

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