When it comes time to move there is so much to be done and multitudes to consider; you never realize how much stuff you have until its time to move it all somewhere else. Along with all your possessions, you also need to plan, pack, and move your feline friends as well!

Your cat is not going to understand all the chaos and confusion and unfortunately you cant tell your cat what is going on so they can understand. There are a few things you can do to help ease the moving process.

When packing all your things, try to keep your cat calm and remember to give them lots of love around your packing schedule. Your cat will sense a change in things and start to show anxiety and stress. When your cat is stressed they may not eat as much, mess outside the litter box, hide or even show slight signs of aggression or grumpiness; don’t take this personally and don’t worry, your cat will calm soon after the move.

When you start to move larger objects such as furniture, try to keep your cat in a room or two with their own things; litter box, food, water, bed or favorite blanket and toys. Surrounding your cat with things that have their scent will bring your cat comfort and will also keep kitty out of the way from harm. Make sure to check in every now and then and give kitty some love and attention, even if you think he can’t understand you telling kitty what is going on may be reassuring to your cat.

If you have considered leaving your cat with someone else while moving, it is important to bring said items with your kitty along with something of yours so your cat can smell your scent and still feel you near until you can come pick him up again. Again, check in from time to time to assure kitty all will be settled soon.

Amidst all the moving and confusion, be sure to put your cat’s veterinarian papers in a place they wont get lost, such as clipped to the cat carrier, which should be in the room with them.

Call and inform your vet that your moving so at the least they can change your address, at most they may recommend a new veterinarian in the new area your moving or recommend an exam before moving the cat. Some vets may even suggest a mild sedative to ease the stress of moving; a possible sedative is a personal choice between you and your cat’s doctor.

Once it comes time to moving the last things , its time to transfer kitty, if possible move your cat right into another room that can be sectioned off. When you bring your cat into the new home, bring those familiar comfort items as well. Once your cat is comfortable and the rest of the house is safe, feel free to let your feline roam the rest of the house and explore your new home.

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