I have a Maine Coon and her long hair definitely is a challenge to keep under control. My vet had a video running about a deshedding tool called, The Furminator.

It’s available for dogs, cats, and even horses. The small version is for cats and after seeing my vet’s endorsement, I bought one.

Although it’s expensive at over $30, it was some of the best money I’ve spent. This tool really, really works. I brushed her first – no hair.

Then I used the Furminator and just as in the video, I quickly had piles of hair all around us. I had no idea that much har was waiting to fall out on my floors!

The tool is a very thin-tined metal comb so you have to be careful not to be too rough. The instructions say it removes the lose hair from the undercoat. There is also a special shampoo to use with the tool, although I didn’t use it my first time.

My kitty tolerated it well. Since that first combing over 2 weeks ago, I’ve used the comb again but there is very little loose hair yet. Way to go, Furminator!

You can get the Furminator at the best price here http://amzn.to/c8kkwH.

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