Named Sir Teddy, it soon became clear that out Teddy was a Toodles…he was a she! (Long story) I entered my beautiful kitten on this site and she won the Daily cat contest.

She developed some breathing/heart problems that shortened her life and broke our’ hearts. She loved to just ride around on my shoulder, content to be there whenever possible. She would ‘borrow’ my earrings, barretts or anything shiny!

Toodles was a love with quite a sense of humor and self. I had to brush her long beautiful fur in the morning, before I could brush my own hair! She would jump up on the bathroom counter and give the softest little meow and present her tail for grooming and her face for kitty-cat kisses and love.

She was born prematurely and the only one in the litter. Her life was short but brilliant…I miss her. We buried her in my favorite towel with yellow rose petals. Amazing how much a part of us that they can become, isn’t it?! I had a dream of her passing on, it was extremely detailed and real and brought some peace to my heart. Love you Toodles, always.

- Cynthia from U.S.A. Arizona

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