This is Walter, so named because he came from a house in Walter Street in the town where we live, he is 9 years old now. He is the only cat we have ever paid for and he cost the princely sum of £5, willingly paid to get him away from the dirtiest house I have ever had the misfortune to enter.

When my sister and I were invited in and we asked to see the kitten for sale the man of the house came downstairs with Walter, or Benjy as he was then, clinging to his pullover by his claws like a brooch, how the poor little soul hadn’t fallen downstairs I don’t know.

We saw his mother, a small, thin cat and the family dog looking pretty neglected and we looked at each other and that was it, we had to get him out of there. They told us he had mainly been eating cheese on toast(this for an 8 week old kitten!)

His coat was thin and he was tiny. Well, we took him home and then on to the vet who said he had a heart murmur because he hadn’t been fed properly, he also had fleas and worms. But soon he began to grow, his coat came in lovely and as he got older his heart murmur settled down and is now non-existant.

Walter’s story is long and complicated, because of his bad start he has always been anxious and although he loves his humans he isn’t very keen on other cats so our other cat Jozef keeps a wary eye on his bullying brother.

But with us Walter is a proper pussycat, rolling about and playing, leaning on our legs and always wanting to make eye contact, he sleeps with me and loves to lie beside me with his head on the other pillow and knead my chest. Walter is a larger than life character, we’ve definitely had our £5′s worth of love and pleasure out of him!

- Barbara from England

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