Toys for our cats are quite important.  We want to see them play and be happy; while more cat companions definitely can help, toys are a simple source of fun.

Today I purchased the ever-so-common catnip filled mice at Walmart for $5.  While not the cheapest of toys, they do provide a proven period of playfulness for our cats.


At only $4-5 per 12 pack, these mice are cheaper than most cat toy bundles.  Not only are they well-priced, but come in a myriad of fun colors.

Each mouse comes with a leather tail, so it’s easy to pick up and toss around the house for your cats to chase.  They don’t take up much space, are easy to see from their vibrant colors, and are fun to watch.


Since they are filled with catnip and aren’t made of the highest quality of fabrics, the mice do tend to break open over time from play.  If you vacuum every 1-2 weeks, they aren’t anything to worry about, since the catnip is relatively solid.

The only other con I can think of is how easy they are to “lose”.  While the cats might know exactly where they “put” them, to us humans they dissapear extremely fast – mostly under the fridge.

For such a fun toy, they weren’t made to last.  Think of it as buying candy for a kid – lots of joy, but short-lasting.

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