I ran accross an interesting article today in a book of mine, introducing a simple intelligence test for our cats.

To determine your kitty’s smartness, use this scale:

1-2 points: Absolutely not:
3-4 points: Sort of no
5-6 points: Sometimes
7-8 points: Sort of yes
9-10 points: Absolutely yes

Now, rate each of these statements:

My cat…

is alert and curious;
tries to manipulate me;
is independent of me;
is sensitive to my moods;
is easily trainable;
is confident with strangers;
responds to its name;
is manually dexterous.

Now, add up your cat’s score and see how they did!


0-34 points: Loveable but dim
35-49 points: Average cat
50-64 points: Smarty cat
65-80 points: Master cat

Is your cat an intellectual?  Does he have the smarts of a bathroom rug?

Leave a comment below with your cat’s name and score!

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