People who don’t like cats are always very quick to blame them for many things, like the decline of wild birds.

They don’t stop to think that cats have been around for thousands of years now and it’s only quite recently that birds have been getting less and less in number.

Yes, cats catch birds but it’s Nature’s way of survival of the fittest. Most birds caught are weaklings or ill birds.

Also, people are to blame for  the problem of feral cats, which began from domesticated cats abandoned outside un-neutered and which naturally have to survive somewhow. Colonies develop and cats have to use their hunting skills which is inherited from the days before we took them from the wild to control the rodent population.

No one complains if a cat catches a mouse or a rat, because to most people rodents are unattractive, but those same people do complain if a cat catches for example a Robin. How is the cat, a natural hunter, to know the difference?

Both are prey to him. A starving homeless cat has to eat somehow to survive.

But cats don’t kill anywhere near as many birds as people do.The ever breeding human is needing more places to live and  taking more and more natural habitat and food from birds and other wild life, using chemicals on the land and  filling the atmosphere with pollution.

This all affects birds! Some people kill birds for sport, shooting them out of the sky just for the ‘fun’ of it. Some people who complain about cats killing birds think it’s entirely different to the fact that many birds such as chickens and turkeys are kept in dreadful conditions and slaughtered horribly for food.

Non vegetarians have no right to complain about cats killing birds!  Those ‘food’ birds may not sing and fly gracefully about the garden but they only have one life just like all birds and animals do and just like we do.

This world would be a much better place if everyone learned to live and let live.

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