This beautiful girl is Popsy Robin, she was loving, funny and intelligent and she loved fish poached in milk or from the fish & chip shop and she loved tuna but she didn’t like butter or cream, she used to run to meet us with her tail held high with happiness when one of us came home from work or shopping and walk back beside us and she used to pop in the window and shout “Hello!” in her own lovely little voice.

She loved to catch moths and butterflies and to lie on our chests or knees and to knead us with her beautiful claws. She loved her daddy and she is in Heaven with him now. Even when she was poorly with her chest she was always like a ray of sunshine and when we lost her it broke Ruth’s and my heart, we will never stop loving and missing her.

God bless Popsy, little love, resting snuggled up with Daddy. One day all of us will be together again.

- Barbara from England

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