I certainly remember wanting the next big gizmo and gadget – heck, who doesn’t?  When it comes to toys and accessories for our cats, these are some of the best ways to spoil them.

1. The Drinkwell water fountain

Nothing has made a bigger difference in my cats little hearts than consistent, fresh running water on demand.  Undoubtedly the most reliable model, this fountain is the one accessory we could not do without.

2. Crazy Catnip Mice

At little less than $0.40 a mouse, these furry little balls of color ignite a joy in my cat’s eyes like the high beams on a car. Inexpensive and widely available, these are the “toy of choice” for mid-day fun.

3. Exquisicat Litter

While not the most fun accessory for the cats, this off-brand litter is the most durable, most high-quality cat litter I have ever seen for cheap.  Literally next to nothing for 40lbs, it lasts a whole month for 3 cats.

4. The Furminator

No other brush or hair-removal tool comes close to the finesse and pure grooming power of this comb.  The Furminator will literally remove every last strand of loose hair while massaging the kitty ever so gently.

5. Catnip Spray

Literally the icing on the cat, catnip spray adds a whole new level of enjoyment to any toy.  Exactly like it’s leafy counterpart, the catnip spray works faster and more effectively to make your cat bonkers, asap.

6. Pen-style Laser Pointers

When was the last time you saw a cat chase an uncatchable toy, in any direction you want, without you needing to move, both in the day and at night?  Exactly; these harmless gadgets are a household must.

7. The Van-ness Litter Box

Every household cat (almost) spends time in the litter box each day.  The trick is to find a comfortable box for them, and an easy-to-clean, cheap-to-replace box for you.  This model is exactly that!

Do you have any other “must-have” toys or accessories to add to this list?  Leave your recommendations in the comments below!

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