I’ve decided to review the common-place “fuzzy ball with feathers sticking out” toy – this one in particular is called “Flutter Balls”.  Many variations of this toy exist; this is the SmartyKat version.

First Look

Picked up from Walmart for $5, these seemed like pretty durable toys.  The feathers are firmly attached at the stem to the rest of the toy and sealed in with stitching. The remainder of the toy is a soft sphere, like most household cat toys.

I wasn’t entirely sure if the feathers would stay on for long – they seemed pretty glued in, but cats are cats.  I knew these would be exciting toys, but I also knew my cats tend to be territorial with feathered accessories.

The Test

Having assessed their “potential”, I threw them to the proverbial wolves as seen in the above video.  Surprisingly, the feathers are still mostly intact!  After a little bit of growling and non-stop playing, the cats have been worn out with fun.

For $5 ($2.50 each), these toys definitely performed well.  Due to the feathers, these toys were more sought after than their traditional catnip mice.


I would ultimately recommend these as an occasional treat, perhaps bi-monthly.  They aren’t the cheapest toy around, but they are built to last (at least for a few days).  If you consider heaps of temporary fun worth $5, than these are an excellent choice of toy.

You can get the SmartyKat Flutter Ball toys for the best price here: http://amzn.to/9s19Fa.

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