Here’s my problem… I keep bringing cats into my home because my love for them!

About 10 years ago, I walked into a pet shop with my two youngest girls – Emily, 9 years at the time and Kimberly, 7. They fell in love with kittens that were there for adoption. At first I didn’t want to bring cats into the house because I already had 2 dogs but they begged so much that I had no choice than to adopt the kittens.

We named them Lilo and Stitch, they were boy and girl siblings which we later found out. They are pure bred Maincoons. Little by little, I fell in love with not only my cats but cats in general because of their unique ways and realized that all people said about cats not being lovable and smart was so not true. As time went by, my girls found many kittens and adult cats in our neighborhood which I took in. I took care of them and did find homes for some of them but many of them are still here with me.

Just recently I thought that my strict requirements might have been the cause. I wanted the person who would adopt my cats to keep in contact with me at least every four months to keep me informed about the cats well being. I think those strict requirements have led me to have 10 adult cats and four 5 month old kittens at home right now.

But then again, what am I supposed to do? I have grown to love these creatures so much that I cannot see them out there to fend for themselves let alone give them up to just anybody knowing all the cruelty that goes on with these darling creatures! Maybe I need some help and advice on how to deal with this situation?

Even though it has put a stress in my finances and has me overworked due to all the cleaning up and making sure they’re doing well, I have to admit that the experience has been amazing yet surprising!

I never thought cats could be so loving, interesting yet so intelligent! I have cats that take walks with me while I walk my dogs, I had one that would wait till I mopped the floor so she can come slide on the wet floor over and over again and would get vocal on me as if she would curse at me when I told her to stop!

So you see, these cats have become part of my family but now I’ve been questioning my affection to them. Has this become an obsession or am I doing the right thing in taking them in and having strict requirements as to who adopts them?

I need your sincere feedback guys. I know everyone is here because we all love cats but I might be taking it a little too far. My children and husband think so and every time I tell my friends about it, they look at me as if I was crazy or something. I would really appreciate if you guys give me your sincere advice on all this and maybe I will change my ways or keep doing what I’m doing but I really need some feedback!

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