My companion doesn’t bark or have beautiful wings,
Yet I find him to be very interesting!

He doesn’t wag his tail or fetch a bone,
But in my house, he’s the king of all thrones!

But I’ll tell you what he is and then you’ll see,
Why my companion means a great deal to me.

He has long soft fur and lovely green eyes,
The affection he gives me cannot be defined.

He purrs and is submissive as I hold him in my arms,
Its totally impossible to resist his purrrfect charm!

He’s here in my days, and here in my nights,
There is no darkness here because he makes it all bright.

I don’t care that he sheds or what people say,
My companion is here… and here to stay.

And with all this said, I’ll leave you at that -
My life is tremendously fulfilled because my companion is a cat!

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