It was a normal vacation – some much needed beach time in Daytona Beach – but ended in an extraordinary way. Holly the four-year-old tortoiseshell feline came along for the trip with her owners, but unfortunately got lost at some point.

After much searching for the kitty, her owners reluctantly gave up and drove home 200 miles away in West Palm Beach. What seems like (and is) a miracle, the staggering and weak Holly managed to find her way back to her old neighborhood alive.

Stories of extraordinary house cats navigating extreme distances is seldom heard of, and is still not understood by scientists. They’ve heard of dogs in very rare circumstances finding their way back home, but those canines were thought to have elite senses of navigation.

According to, Holly isn’t the first cat to make such a trek. Howie the Persian traveled 1,000 miles across the Australian outback in order to find his owners. Although it took 12 months, he did managed to get back home in one piece.

We might never know exactly how Holly was able to accomplish this, but she’s at least back with her family in safe hands.

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