I found Joshua one chilly night back in the middle of May. As I came out of my car one night, I heard a faint cry which it appeared to be of a kitten. One of my cats “Baby Foy” had just given birth to 4 kittens and I thought my kids had let one out. As I got closer, the cries became louder.

It was pitch dark and I couldn’t see a thing but as I knelt on the ground close to where I thought the cries were coming from, I said “come baby” and out from the bushes came this little kitten not even a month old. I took him inside and noticed he had a terrible infection in his eye that he couldn’t even open it and not to mention the bad diarrhea he also had.

So of course, I took him to the doctor the next day and nursed him to the point that he thought I was his mom! I tried to find a loving home for the little one but couldn’t find anyone that met the criteria to giving Joshua the home that he so much deserved. Today Joshua, named by my grand daughter Analie, is as healthy as can be.

Joshua is so attached to me that at times it can get a little overwhelming when I’m trying to work on my computer. He climbs on top of my chest and begins to purr loudly. He rubs his face against mine and no matter how many times I put him down and tell him to wait till mommy’s done, he doesn’t understand that.

Joshua’s mission is to be as lovable to humans as much as he can. Joshua is about 5 months old now and he is by far, one of the most beautiful cats I’ve ever seen!

Marilu Nunez

New York

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