I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who had an interesting story to tell, involving mittens (identity changed : P) and some burlap.

Burlap Fabric

Mittens is an indoor-only kitty who was and still is quite adventurous  Repeatedly each day when her owner was away, she would climb the steep hallway walls covered in burlap. This fabric – though stylish – posed many a problem for Mittens.

One particular evening, she got stuck up near the ceiling for the entire day while her owner was away. Her claws enabled the climb, but impeded the return to earth by getting stuck in the net-like material. Her cries could be heard but being a condo with raised ceilings, it took a while to find her.

she got stuck up near the ceiling for the entire day

As a result, a decision had to be made.

Rather than removing the burlap – which took many hours of custom work to install and had high sentimental value – Mittens’ owner decided it was best to have her declawed.

Since she was an indoor-only cat, this was seen as the perfect solution.

Topic for Discussion:

Do you think declawing Mittens was the right thing to do, or should her owner have taken down the burlap wallpaper? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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