When we decided we needed a kitten, we went to the local shelter. While there, we overheard one of the workers telling someone how they never had so much trouble selling a particular kitten.

It seems he was very quiet and did not play with the other kittens, so people did not want him. Well my husband saw him and it was love at first sight. So we got Cheese. He’s 2 now and quite honestly he is the light of my life. He’s quite uncoordinated (which makes for a LOT of laughs), but he is a lover and a sweetheart who will come to you when you cry, and drag his toys to you when he wants to play.

He loves snuggling with you in bed, and will gently tap your arm if you stop petting him. Strangely, the only “people” foods he will eat are pretzels and crackers!! We could not have picked a better cat to own us. We love our Cheese!



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