Tired of seeing that blur of fur appear on your camera phone and lamenting another missed photo op? Our pets seem to be born with the ability to dodge photos at the last second, often leaving us with an off-target profile shot, at best. This phenomenon might help to explain the high percentage of sleeping cat photos we all have seen posted online.

This is the first of a series of ideas to increase your chances of snapping cute or funny cat pictures that could be lolcats worthy.

Tip #1. For the Cutest Cat Pictures, Use an App to capture your Cat’s Attention. iPet Attention and iPetPhoto Pro (each .99 cents in the Apple Apps store) are apps that makes a perfectly timed, cat-attention grabbing noise, such as a bird noise or a meow, so that you can capture your cats attention at just the right moment. They come with a number of different sounds to attract even the most aloof, camera-shy cat.

Happy Snapping!

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