126 years ago today, Physicist Erwin Schroder was born. He is most famous for conceiving of physics’ most famous hypothetical cat, Schrodinger’s Cat. Mr. Schrodinger put forth the hypothetical idea of a cat in a box with poison which may or may not release as a way of criticizing Copenhagen’s interpretation of quantum physics.

In Copenhangen’s quantum physics, multiple states of a particle can exist, therefore, if a particle isn’t observed, it exists in all possible states at once. To illustrate the impossibility of that theory, Schrodinger used his theory of a cat in a box. He  said, if we put poison in a box that may or may not release, and we close that box with a cat inside, then as nobody is observing the cat, the cat can be thought of both dead AND alive at the same time.  Since we all know that a cat cannot be both dead and alive, Schrodinger’s Cat aimed to prove Copenhagen wrong.

Luckily for Schrodinger’s Cat, this scenario was all completely hypothetical and was never actually performed… Phew!





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