Which kitty is the most snuggly? Perhaps softness is your weakness? No matter Which attributes you find most appealing in a cat who deserves it all, take a moment to vote below.

Here you’ll find the contestants battling for the title of Daily Cat – a coveted title here at evercats that awards both fame and recognition to the victor!

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Want to have your kitty be featured as the Daily Cat Winner? Excellent! Click a contest that’s accepting entries to submit a photo of your beloved feline.

After that, get as many votes as you can! You’ll have 6 days to get as many votes from friends, family, co-workers and complete strangers to support & prove your cat’s “bestness” over all the rest.

The kitty with the most votes for that contest will be crowned the winner and posted on the front page of evercats.com for bragging rights – and permanent fame to boot : )